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I am Ryan Steffes, the owner and lead photographer of Mister Guy Photography.  I've been the camera guy since I was in high school, starting with the newspaper and the yearbook.  I went off to college and found a more "mature" profession, but the draw of photography brought me back.  With my wife's support, I founded Mister Guy Photography and pursued my love of bridal fashion, editorial candid portraits, and all things newborn and baby related!

My lovely wife and second shooter is Christine Steffes.  She's an amazing Raleigh event planner who plans weddings, parties and does a killer job capturing details and the intimate moments when you may not want a male photographer around.

Apart from assisting me, she's also a wedding planner that blogs about fun trends in the wedding industry.  She helps me stay on point and likes to make sure I don't miss anything.  If I remember to ask you details about the theme of your wedding, it's because of her!

Her website is: Get-Christine

I got Christine, and I'm so very glad I did.

Meetings by appointment in our home studio in North Raleigh:

1917 Carrington Dr

Raleigh NC 27615

Miss Pepper Pots

Christine and I would love to be the best photographer in Raleigh for all couples every single time, but we know there are times when we're already booked, or someone is looking for a different style.  One of the reasons we get involved in professional photography organizations in Raleigh, besides continuing education, is to meet wonderful people. 

Here are some of the photographers I highly recommend:

Kate Pope Photography / CravenCreative  --  Kate Pope is an amazing wedding photographer and fun creative portrait photographer.  We used her for our wedding pictures, so obviously I love her work.

Glee and Bliss Photography - Corey Williams does really magical portrait and wedding photography and specializes in stunning albums and books.

Samantha Canal Photography - Samantha is a fun down to earth photographer that does beautiful work.

Azul Photography - Christobal Perez does award winning photojournalism and has brought his immense skills to weddings.

Wedding Vendors and Venues I love to work with:

The Preston Woodall House -  A gorgeous bed and breakfast in the heart of Benson, NC that can host small to large weddings.  Their staff and food have been amazing every time I've worked there.

Last Minute Officiant - Francois is an enthusiastic speaker and pastor in Raleigh, NC and delivers an excellent and meaningful message.  We used him for our wedding.

Randy Taylor Weddings - Randy is a professional officiant and coordinator that honors the commitment made by all couples and faith traditions, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, ethnic background, age, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.  His team can handle weddings across the state.